Ingredient & Supplier Approval

When it comes to food safety, every step of the supply chain matters.

High-quality products begin with high-quality ingredients and materials. Everything that enters your plant, and the places they come from, need to follow a specific system to ensure dependability, consistency, and safety. Learn the basics of creating a strong supplier approval program that maintains product quality.

Through 60 minutes of course content, including practical tools and exercises, this online course looks at the steps needed to perform a supplier evaluation for both raw materials and service suppliers. This includes setting appropriate specifications, establishing solid GMPs, and controlling the supply chain.

This course includes a printable certificate as a Record of Training Completion.

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Course Details

Is This Training for Me?

This online course is designed for Quality Managers and all internal auditors, which hopefully includes the entire Management Team.

What’s Included?

Short exercises.

Practical examples.

Case studies.

Training certificate.

Lesson Topics

Supplier Approval:

- Supplier Evaluation

- Supplier Questionnaire

- Supplier Review

Raw Material Approval:

- Ingredient Specifications

- Packaging

- Non-Food Materials

After This Training You Will Be Able To:

Define the purpose of ingredient and supplier approval.

Understand the different processes for supplier approval of raw materials and services.

Perform a supplier evaluation for both raw materials and service suppliers.

Understand the function of a supplier questionnaire and feel able to adapt one to your specific needs.

Know when to perform and how to simplify supplier reviews.

Understand the pros and cons of both audit-based and risk-based processes in terms of supplier documentation and specifications.

Evaluate what specific information you need from packaging suppliers.

Implement a non-food material approval process for things such as packaging, supplies, and non-food chemicals.

How Would This Training Benefit Me?

You will be armed with understanding the basic principles of supplier evaluation so you can: 

Ensure you have a good evaluation structure to deliver safe products

Simplify your supplier approval process,

Implement relevent processes with confidence.

Technical Requirements

To access our online training, you will need:

- Desktop computer,

- Laptop computer, 

- Tablet, or 

- Mobile device 

Your device will need to have the following capabilities:

- Video/audio output.

- High-speed internet connection (minimum speed of 5Mbps recommended).

- The latest version of one of the following browsers: Google, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge.