PRPs: Sanitation, Pest Control, & Maintenance

Build confidence - Align programs with reality - Engage your team

Learn the best ways to simplify, organize, and verify your Sanitation, Pest Control, and Maintenance programs. 

Through 1 hour of short lessons and exercises, this course teaches how everyone on the team can contribute to these programs, how to avoid common pitfalls, and ultimately, how to ensure a healthy and clean environment for handling food products. 

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Course Details

Is This Training for Me?

This training is designed for anyone who develops or manages food safety programs in a facility.

It is especially beneficial for Quality Managers and other Department Managers.

What’s Included?

3 Lessons ~ 1 hour completion time

Downloadable forms

Short exercises

Final quiz

Training certificate

Lesson Topics

Sanitation: Cleaning Procedures, Cleaning Schedule, Verification, Standard of Cleanliness

Pest Control: Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Identifying Pests, Action Thresholds, Prevention and Monitoring 

Maintenance: Preventative Maintenance, Scheduling Maintenance, Maintenance Activities and Methods, Maintenance Hazards

After This Training You Will Be Able To:

Understand the purpose of the sanitation, pest control, and maintenance programs and their functions,

Identify common pitfalls for each program and the associated risks,

Apply and use the correct programs and documentation for every situation,

Know the criteria to evaluate and verify the effectiveness of each program,

Appropriately document any food safety incidents and/or corrective actions.

How Would This Training Benefit Me?

This training will arm you with the knowledge and tools needed to:

Provide proper guidelines to Sanitation, Maintenance and pest management professionals so they understand the correct way to perform their tasks, and are on the same page,

Provide a healthy and clean environment for handling food products at your facility,

Lead your team with confidence

Technical Requirements

To access our online training, you will need:

- Desktop computer,

- Laptop computer, 

- Tablet, or 

- Mobile device 

Your device will need to have the following capabilities:

- Video/audio output

- High-speed internet connection (minimum speed of 5Mbps recommended)

- The latest version of one of the following browsers: Google, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge