Learn how to improve your team performance by working together with clear goals and understanding everyone's roles.

Through 1 hour of video lessons, step-by-step instructions, a downloadable workbook, and tools & templates, this course unpacks the role of everyone in the plant, from owner to operator and all those in between.

You will learn how to break down the work of food safety and assign responsibilities and accountability in a way that makes sense.

This course includes a printable certificate as a Record of Training Completion.

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Course Details

Is This Training for Me?

This training is designed for Operators, Upper Management, The Management team, Supervisors, Quality Managers, and generally everyone working at food manufacturing/processing plants!

What’s Included?

  • 1-hour course content
  • Downloadable workbook
  • Commitment contract template
  • Practical exercises
  • Final assessment
  • Training certificate

Topics Covered

  • Introduction: Understanding the simple steps to improve food safety culture 
  • Laying the Foundation: Exploring the natural flow of power and accountability in an organization
  • Everybody's Responsible for Food Safety: Understanding essential rules the whole team must follow
  • Role of Food Safety Leader: Understanding how to coordinate the team's work
  • The Hard Work of Managing Food Safety: Exploring the role of the Management Team in food safety
  • Dividing the Work: Understanding Program Owners' Role
  • With Ultimate Power Comes Ultimate Responsibility: Clarifying Upper Management's Role
  • The Missing Link: Exploring the role Supervisors play in Food Safety
  • Getting the Work Done: The step by step of implementing the learnings 
  • Review: Highlighting things you need to share with your team

After This Training You Will Be Able To:

  • Work together to achieve meaningful work and have programs that are in line with reality
  • Understand how to harness the power of your whole team working on food safety
  • Understand everyone’s natural role in food safety
  • Divide the work at the plant, based on each person's strength
  • Engage the whole team in food safety
  • Understand how to align responsibility and authority

Technical Requirements

To access our online training, you will need:

  • Email account (must be individual)
  • Desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device 

Your device will need to have the following capabilities:

  • Video/audio output
  • High-speed internet connection (minimum speed of 5Mbps recommended)
  • The latest version of one of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge

Customer Reviews

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Systemic Teaching

The course is presented in a very clear, easy to digest form. The short videos make it seem like it's a conversation between you and the trainer. This course has helped me to understand why the team has a common goal but each member has different priorities -(Roles and Responsibilities).