In terms of establishing a food safety system, culture and competencies go hand in hand. Both of these work to establish that everyone in the facility has an understanding of the importance of making safe food and is committed to keeping it the top priority, every single day.

Through 60 minutes of course content, including practical tools and exercises, this online course looks at what food safety culture really means, and how to use competencies to increase employee engagement.

This course includes a printable certificate as a Record of Training Completion.

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Course Details

Is This Training for Me?

This course is for anyone who develops or manages food safety programs in a facility. It is especially beneficial for Quality Managers, and other Department Managers!

What’s Included?

  • Short exercises.
  • Practical examples.
  • Case studies.
  • Training certificate.

Topics Covered

Food Safety Culture:

  • What is Food Safety Culture?
  • Establishing Culture
  • Training Model


  • Competency Plan
  • Competency Evaluation
  • Bridging Gaps

After This Training You Will Be Able To:

  • Define what food safety culture is and why it is important for everyone.
  • Understand who is responsible for establishing, upholding, and following through on food safety culture.
  • Know the basics of how to establish a good food safety culture, including through accountability, leadership, and training.
  • Define the differences between competencies and training, and understand how to use both appropriately.
  • Create a basic competency plan.
  • Start evaluating competencies and understand how training can be used to bridge gaps.

Technical Requirements

To access our online training, you will need:

  • Email account (must be individual)
  • Desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device 

Your device will need to have the following capabilities:

  • Video/audio output
  • High-speed internet connection (minimum speed of 5Mbps recommended)
  • The latest version of one of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge